Erikson Partners is the world's leader in creative digital economy services. Our areas of expertise include marketing, investor relations, capital advisory services, event production & industry research.
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A R E A S   O F   P R A C T I C E

Marketing & Brand Management

Build & grow your brand under the direction of our expert strategists, designers & brand managers.

Capital Advisory

Diversify & maximize your digital investment portfolio with guidance & oversight of our expert portfolio managers.

Investor Relations

Satisfy & build loyalty amongst your firm's investors by providing them with industry-leading presentation & reporting materials.

Event Production

Create, develop & produce successful public live events in order to maximize your firm's exposure to targeted captive audiences.

Research & Design

Build your enterprise on a solid foundation of research & design or grow effectively using efficient means & controlled resources.

A V A I L A B L E   S E R V I C E S

Services include:

Brand exploration & development
Corporate imaging
Content creation
Public relations
Print & digital adveritising
Media purchases
Campaign management

Target client:
Any digital service provider with a desire to grow consumer base

Services include:

Investor certification
Investor targeting
Portfolio review
Instrument rating & accreditation
Commercial instrument sales
Capital market advisory
Private placement

Target client:
Any digital financial services agency with a desire to expand investment sales

Services include:

Investor recruitment
Loyalty programming
Certified audit
Comprehensive reporting
Live presentations & broadcasts
Public relations
Projections & forward looking statements

Target client:
Any digital financial services provider with a desire to improve and/or manage long-term investor relationships

Services include:

Location research
Venue negotiation
Event planning & design
Vendor procurement
Marketing & public relations
Event production
Facility security & consumer care

Target client:
Any digital service provider who desires to product or participate in a live sales event

Services include:

Corporate opportunity (SWOT) analysis
Legal structuring & advisory
Treasury design & management
Strategic planning
Multi-jurisdictional incorporation
Human relations
Rollout execution & ongoing management

Target client:
Any person/entity with a desire to build a profitable enterprise within the global digital marketplace

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O U R   P A R T N E R S   &   C L I E N T S